3 Seater Sofa | Turkish Upholstery Fabrics Manufacturers & Suppliers

Turkish Upholstery Fabrics Manufacturers & Suppliers are one of the biggest manufacturers. They are almost unbeatable in this field. Most of new furnishing and modern decors in Asia and other Countries has based on Turkish Upholstery industry. Turkish designs are beautiful and valuable. But they are costly and expensive. All …

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Cushion Fabric | How to Choose Cushion Fabrics Patterns?

Cushion Fabric Designs and patterns are countless. So it is a challenge for a trader, dealer or even customers, to choose cushion fabrics Patterns. So we will help you in this Article to ease this challenge for you. But first step is to know what the best fabric for cushion …

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velvet cloth fabric price per meter

The velveted cloth fabric, delivers everything that you expect from cloth as a durable cloth. This fabric will meet your expectations for a long time and is very cost effective in terms of preparation. In addition, the distribution agency is a sure choice for the product. Choosing the appropriate and …

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Vinyl fabric price with high quality

vinyl fabric

The choice of vinyl fabric furniture is a good choice. because, this material, which is processed from the resin, is durable and resistant to dirt and fire. This fabric is very affordable. And the waterproofing of the vinyl and the options that make it available are very numerous. If you …

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leather furniture fabric for all kind of decoration

leather furniture fabric

The leather furniture fabric is made available through the dealers of this product in bulk and at a reasonable price. If you are going to buy a leather upholstery fabric in bulk, you should accompany us. The market for leather furniture fabric Furniture is considered as one of the most …

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buy cotton velvet upholstery fabric wholesale

The cold winter and low temperatures invite us to dress the house with soft and warm fabrics. It is now when the velvet becomes the star upholstery; Without a doubt, one of the strongest trends for this Fall-Winter 2019-2020 season. The velvet is a fabric that has two warps and …

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Wholesale price of leather upholstery

Wholesale price of leather

You can find all types if leather fabric for decoration at affordable and wholesale price of leather fabric here. The selection of this fabric also is for the production of furniture. Wholesale price of leatheralso is one of the most commonly used delivery methods around the world. Home decoration is …

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best price upholstery printed sofa fabric for home textile

best price upholstery printed sofa fabric

“Resistant to the action of light and with good fall”. These would be the basic conditions that we should ask a fabric to make a curtain, according to the marketing directors. But not the only ones. The interior designers agree with it in these aspects and they always say: “Depending …

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