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best price upholstery printed sofa fabric for home textile

“Resistant to the action of light and with good fall”. These would be the basic conditions that we should ask a fabric to make a curtain, according to the marketing directors. But not the only ones. The interior designers agree with it in these aspects and they always say: “Depending on the function we want to give to the curtain.
We must pay special attention to its composition. For example, use velvet, pique or damask to absorb the ambient light or, if on the contrary. You want a more luminous and evocative atmosphere, opt for gauze or organza curtains, which let in a lot of light “. And all this, without forgetting questions such as “washable fabrics, with the body. With a good lining to prevent them from losing color and, of course, to decorate and dress the rooms”.

Present in practically all the rooms of the house, the fabrics that dress our house represent a vital role when it comes to bringing warmth and style to each of them. Logically, personal tastes are what will determine the choice of the same in each case. Although it should not forget other more functional and technical issues that will help. Not only to look in all its glory, but also to be more durable.

best price upholstery printed sofa fabric

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best price upholstery printed sofa fabric

Compositions and fabrics

Asked about the textiles that best meet all these characteristics, the three experts agree in assuring that “in principle, any type of fabric should be used for curtains. As long as it has the texture that is needed for the confection”. And also”usually, fabrics are used lighter and less resistant to use than when it comes to upholstery”.

Linen, cottons and silks are placed at the head although, as Jorge Corominas says, “today any fabric can have these characteristics. Whether they are natural or synthetic, so sometimes the difference between a silk or a polyester can reach to diffuse. Especially with the quality of the current dyes, which offer a great resistance to light “. Carmen Barasona points out another key factor in the choice, that of personal taste. “The fabrics for making curtains are many, but I would highlight the velvet, for its properties of high resistance, easy maintenance and a spectacular presence.”

best price upholstery printed sofa fabric

best price upholstery printed sofa fabric for upholsteries 

When it comes to fabrics for upholstery, the requirements are different. In the same way that it is the wear to which they will be subjected by the type of use they are given. “The resistance, both to wear and abrasion and to make pellets, is vital in a fabric for upholstery, along with the fact that it is washable. Although for upholstering furniture of little use it is enough to have 10,000 and, on the contrary. If we look for a upholstery subjected to an intense use. It is convenient to opt for one of 25,000 cycles “.

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