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Home Textiles Polyester Velvet Stretch Upholstery Fabric

In the past, velvet and silk were matters reserved for a wealthy bourgeoisie. Nowadays, any amateur seamstress can make a soft velvet garment since, even if the velvet remains a noble fabric, we offer it by the meter at very affordable prices.
Discover our furnishing fabrics by the meter, very good quality, live factories and low prices!

Polyester Velvet Stretch

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Polyester Velvet Stretch

A velvet armchair or sofa

Many armchairs will be sublimated to be re-upholstered in velvet. Solid in essence, the velvet lends itself wonderfully well to the coverage of the various seats. To revive your armchair, do not hesitate to bet on the color or the pattern.
Side maintenance synthetic velvets are the simplest but now there are many velvets treated anti-stain for ease their maintenance as is the case of velvet corn Boston Casamance

Polyester Velvet Stretch

Velvet curtains

Highly appreciated for the insulating power as well as decorative, the velvet curtains also come back in our decorations.

For ease of making it is obvious that the choice of fabric will focus more ton velvets with short or medium hairs. Contrary to popular belief there are many velvet fabrics that are perfect for making curtains. Among the most beautiful of them: sublime and surprising printed cotton velvet.

To enjoy 100% of their insulating property we advise you to make your velvet curtains slightly brittle on the ground.

Polyester Velvet Stretch

Different types of velvet

All velvets are solid upholstery but with some significant variable. Their aspects, their properties, their price vary according to their composition and the techniques implemented during the manufacture.

Synthetic velvet offers beautiful characteristics in terms of fire and longevity standards. Velvet fire,

The cotton velvet will give your chair a matte and subtle luster while the polyester velvet will offer more shine. The woollen velvet with its incomparable touch is one of the most beautiful (and most expensive). King of velvet, silk velvet has an incredible hand and a touch of the most luxurious.

Polyester Velvet Stretch

Resistant fabrics for armchair and sofa

Here you will find the most beautiful upholstery fabrics for armchairs and sofas for domestic and family use.
These armchair and sofa fabrics meet demanding quality standards, the best known of which is the Polyester Velvet Stretch that you will find on our site.
Whether you are looking for fabric for a Voltaire chair or fabric sofa or for another piece of furniture, we offer a wide range of high-end among the largest publishers with exceptional quality fabrics.
You will find the most beautiful collections of major publishers: floral and plant motifs, plain, stripes or fabric armchair with geometric patterns. The heart of the textile trend for furniture is this site, with the different range of resistant fabrics for chairs, armchairs and sofas: opulent velvet upholstery, woollen fabrics, tartans, jacquards but also original prints and 100% linen qualities.

Sitting an armchair or a fabric sofa is a difficult art that will most of the time require the intervention of a decorator upholsterer. But some of our clients are launching themselves into achievements. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you would like help calculating your footage or advice on choosing from our velvet, silk and other jacquards. We will always be very happy to inform you and help you with your most daring projects.

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