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leather furniture fabric for all kind of decoration

The leather furniture fabric is made available through the dealers of this product in bulk and at a reasonable price. If you are going to buy a leather upholstery fabric in bulk, you should accompany us.

leather furniture fabric

The market for leather furniture fabric

Furniture is considered as one of the most important elements in the design and layout of interior decoration of the home. Furniture stores are available in a variety of markets.
leather furniture fabric are one of the most popular types of furniture fabrics that have attracted much attention in recent years. This type of fabric will often bring a stylish and luxurious look for home and work.
This cloth is a very attractive and popular furniture fabric and is available in various designs and colors.

leather furniture fabric

Buying leather living room furniture can be confusing for the consumer

there are many types of leather on the market and even materials. That are not skins but that we try to call leather. Let’s first look at some definitions.

Full grain leather: This is the slice of the skin containing the epidermis. This part is porous, it breathes and is soft to the touch. Its price is higher than the other categories.

The sub-flower: it is the part under the epidermis, less soft and less porous than full-grain leather. It is however very resistant. The subflower leather is less expensive than the first category but is still a good buy for heavy duty living room furniture.

The crust: it’s the bottom of the skin. This part is thinner and very fibrous, it has few pores and breathes less, hot type in summer and cold in winter. It also has a tendency to crack. Its price is much lower and it is preferred by manufacturers who want to offer a very low price. Its longevity is usually much shorter than the previous two categories.
Laminated or reconstituted leathers. They are not skins. The hide scraps are shredded and processed into leather fiber, then blended with chemicals and coated with leather fiber, or coagulated into sheets and cardboard. We do not recommend laminated leather.

leather furniture fabric

Major leather dealers Maya Fabric

Today, the use of a variety of leather fabrics as a cover of all types of comfort furniture and kitchen chairs is very popular because leather textiles are more formal than other fabrics.
Leather fabrics have advantages and disadvantages that you should pay attention to before purchasing. These benefits are:

  • Easy to clean and wash all types of leather upholstery fabrics
  • Non-penetrating leather textiles against liquids
  • Leather textiles are more and more refined over time.
  • The durability and longevity of leather fabrics are higher.

The center offers a wide range of leather cloths to major buyers of fabrics in bulk and at affordable prices.

Notre collection de meubles de salon en cuir est composée presqu’exclusivement de meubles recouverts de cuir pleine fleur ou de sous-fleur.

Divan en cuir Sparta, aussi disponible en causeuse. Disponible en cuir seulement. Grand choix de grades de cuir et de couleurs.

Owning a leather living room furniture has many advantages for you.

leather furniture fabric

Resistance :

Genuine leather furniture fabric is a wear-resistant material
It is said that it skates with time and that it gives more character to your furniture
The life of a sofa or other leather furniture can be from 10 years to 30 years or much more depending on its quality, use and maintenance.

leather furniture fabric

Style and comfort:

Genuine leather is a noble material that gives character to a room
Genuine leather is comfortable because it is firm and looks warm.

Real leather is usually very easy to clean, a lightly moistened cloth and a mild soap are enough. There are exceptions to this rule, such as “wild” or suede leather.


The features listed above do not apply to faux leathers such as laminated leather, eco-leather and other materials invented to look like leather but sell for about one-third of the price. They are not leathers and, among other things, their duration is much shorter. After a while, these materials often have a tendency to crack and peel

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