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velvet cloth fabric price per meter

The velveted cloth fabric, delivers everything that you expect from cloth as a durable cloth. This fabric will meet your expectations for a long time and is very cost effective in terms of preparation. In addition, the distribution agency is a sure choice for the product.

Choosing the appropriate and custom-made furniture fabric depends a lot on getting it from the place you choose. For example, if you are an obsessive buyer for choosing a furniture fabric and at the same time, the degree of product confidence is also important to you, it is advisable to consult with consultants who have sufficient information in this regard and after making sure Need to buy the fabric you want.



Representative for distributing all kinds of velveted cloth fabric

The distributor is one of the most reliable ways to choose and deliver the roboble fabric. Because the experts, as the representative of each brand of fabric, have enough information from a product of the same type as the roaming fabric, and you will be familiar with it in detail, in order to have a smarter selection and enjoy the safe shopping experience. These dealers in the form of broadcasting agents or any other type are active in many cities of Iran and provide the necessary services.


All kinds of made-to-measure rambling fabric

Distributing and distributing fabrics in the form of cloth and other types, with their knowledge and specialized information, introduce a surety product of gender and design to buyers, detailing them with complete details and clarity, so that the customer Choose one, choose one. Of course, the choice of this route is due to the customer’s obsession and the carefulness of the purchase of this product, which is, of course, very good. At the dealerships in the delivery of cloth fabrics in various cities, these fabrics can be made:

  • Bugatti Furniture Fabric
  • velveted cloth fabric for furniture
  • Fantasia furniture
  • Sirteks furniture
  • Maserati Furniture
  • Napoli furniture
  • Palermo furniture


Velvet Deluxe: a decorative collection dedicated to velvet

The decoration sign La Redoute Interiors decided to prove that velvet could be chic and naturally find its place in your interior.

With their Velvet Deluxe collection and our tips, discover how to create a chic, bright and cocooning decor, perfect for winter.

But what about Velvet Deluxe? A collection of furniture and decor that revolves around this flagship material, velvet.

Forget the velvet 90s way (which is rather trend on the side of fashion). In the field of decoration, velvet is flush and often colorful.
Velvet in decoration: how to associate it with other materials.

This collection designed by La Redoute Interiors allows you to have some ideas to associate the velvet with your existing decoration, but also with other more timeless materials. One thinks in particular of the trendy association of velvet and metal.


The best allies of velvet for interior decoration

Among the best allies of velveted cloth fabric are golden brass, marble and wood. Velvet softens these raw materials.

By combining velvet with golden brass or marble, we create an art deco-inspired decoration. Very chic, it is a trend that will find its place in a living room as well as in a room. It also helps to have a bright interior, perfect for small spaces.

For a more masculine, more raw interior, you can combine velvet with solid wood furniture. This type of decoration will lend itself more to a living room or a dining room.

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