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Wholesale price of leather upholstery

You can find all types if leather fabric for decoration at affordable and wholesale price of leather fabric here. The selection of this fabric also is for the production of furniture. Wholesale price of leatheralso is one of the most commonly used delivery methods around the world.

Home decoration is one of the important points that women are especially concerned about. One of the things that gives this environment a special effect is the furniture inside it.

With our textile decoration collection, decorative and floor cushions and throws dress your interior for even more comfort. In silky velvet, washed linen, fake fur, mohair effect or just very soft cotton, Bouchara has the art to offer the most trendy materials. Play with shapes by combining square cushions, rectangle and oversize. Mix plain and printed. Combine blue, green and nude. Dare the association of several throws in your room or your living room to create a real cocoon! Carpets also are essential for dressing your floor or even your wall. So choose your material, cotton, sheepskin effect, woven in jute and leather, vinyl, wool or rush, and your pattern, striped, geometric, plain, effect cement tiles, ethnic and bohemian. There are all shapes and all styles!

Wholesale price of leather

Buy Leather fabrics for face furniture

Leather textiles also have positive qualities that increase the amount of purchase and use.

Some of the features of this fabric are:

  • The patches created on it are easily cleanable.
  • The penetration of water into it is low.
  • Designed to suit different tastes.
  • The price is right.
  • It is produced in a variety of colors.

Choosing the right rambling fabric, such as leather, is the right choice at a low cost.

Wholesale price of leather

The wholesale price of leather cloth

Furniture fabrics are one of a variety of merchandise available on the market, with a variety of colors and designs. A variety of simple designs. These fabrics also are suitable for use in small spaces. Applying this solution will greatly enhance the environment. Major sales of this product are made through wholesale.

the wholesale price of leather style has the following characteristics:

  • Major wholesaler deals with the supplier of the goods
  • The intermediate wholesaler is between the supplier and the manufacturer
  • A wholesaler may also be a manufacturer
  • Also the main selling price of any commodity

Wholesale price of leather

Sale price of all types of furnishings

The price of fabrics depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Raw material purchase rates
  • The type of machinery used in producing these fabrics
  • Factory and brand manufacturer
  • Quality and durability of fabric
  • Warranty and product warranty
  • Supply and demand on the market

The rate of this product can be obtained in various ways. The price of some imported goods is a function of the rate and price of the currency.

Wholesale price of leather

Unlike leather, imitation leather is a non-porous plastic fabric

The imitation leather (also called skai), is a coating composed of a textile fabric covered with a polyurethane coating. This coating is colored and receives a surface relief to give it the imitation leather look. For this reason, if you want to make a change of color. The recolorant to use must have only a strong power of attachment. To prepare this hook, simply sand and degrease the support with our skai re-coloring preparator and then recolor. In some cases, the skai may be covered with a special protective varnish (flame retardant, anti UV for example). It is then imperative to apply our primer primer beforehand if you opt for solvent recolorant. For repairs (scratches, scratches, fake secretions, holes etc ), the snag repair faux leather.

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